Why Don’t People Get Your Genius Posts?

That feeling you get when you make a post that no one “likes” or “reblogs,” even though you think it is genius and amazing.

And it just seems like everyone is looking at it and going,

But then you remember that you are a genius, and so are your posts! And you think to all of those haters…

Once you’ve blown off some steam, you’re back to your level-headed self.

And you get back out there, ready to try to win dem sweet sweet online approval points all over again!

I think about this video every so often, and it really gets to me. This is a guy who really did appreciated his fans and was an active role model for them. James Doohan (Scotty) definitely left a lasting legacy with the people he entertained.

Man Challenge: Gordon Ramsay vs James May








Gordon Ramsay challenged James May from Top Gear to to eat the dreaded rotten shark in order to see who was more manly. Ramsay laughed as May lifted up a bucket before beginning, a bucket that Ramsay would soon become deeply acquainted with.

James May proceeded to dryly rebuke Gordon Ramsay’s weakness.

A continuation of this post. I love this scene so much. It just goes to show the relationship between Gandalf and Galadriel, and shows a softer more exposed side of our favorite wizard.

p.s. The two scenes with the zoom in of the hands are my favorite. I think they show more emotional expression than any of the others.

I decided to make a gif set of my favorite Gandalf scene from the first Hobbit movie. I’ll have to make a separate set for the next scene with Galadriel too… Because of the feels.

Continued here.

I know the Lord is missing an “e” but Lord and Taylor should make use of this dynamic friendship! Oh the marketing!! Just noticed this today, and blew my mind!

The Wes Anderson DVD covers currently offered by the Criterion Collection. I look forward to seeing the others as they are added.

Quotable Moment of the Day

Friend: You know… Sometimes I wish I was gay and had a gay roommate.

Me: What if he was like mad ugly?

Friend: Yeah. But like, what if we were both hot male models?

When I was a kid, I thought deaf people just intuitively knew sign language.
A dear friend